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Membership Benefits

  • The ability to qualify and compete for the NRHA Affiliate Region Finals.

  • Eligibility and automatic enrollment in the YRHA year end awards program.

  • Eligibility for the annual championship saddle drawing.  If you are a YRHA member and win a class (except Green Rookie) at any YRHA show you are automatically entered in the saddle drawing.  

  • A forum for new ideas, suggestions, classes and prizes.  You have a voice in the running of the YRHA show and the club.  

  • Information on all upcoming YRHA and other reining club events.  

  • Multiple levels of competition from beginner to open classes.

  • Opportunities to meet others interested in horses, reining and reining competition.  Reiners are fun people to ride and socialize with.  

  • An opportunity to maintian and promote YRHA's abiltiy to provide quality shows in the region. 

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